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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring another solution to cooling and rehydrating people with our custom hydrating trailers. Mr. Mister hydration and cooling units are able to provide clean drinking water and simultaneously cool off its users with filtered refreshing water. Ideal for remote locations where water could be an issue or for on grid applications like sporting events and parties in the heat of summer. The world can’t always run on bottled water. Millions of tons of plastic waste is no good for anyone especially the planet! Mr. Mister is one small step at helping to reduce our plastic waste. Each Mr. Mister is capable of supplying sixteen hundred 16oz glasses of water in its “off grid”mode! That’s a win win! Mr. Mister has zero limitations to water supply while “on grid” making it the new age water fountain.

About Us

Originally local contractors hailing out of Buffalo, NY Mr. Mister was born out of necessity after working long hours in the summer heat. The goal was to have an all in one station that not only provided clean drinking water but also a cooling misting feature to help cool down the crew. We quickly realized that Mr Mister could be used in a wide variety of applications and decided to build the first prototype in our shop. Let’s just say our first summer with Mr Mister made for a much cooler and hydrated work environment…No more buying cases of water or drinking from a dirty hose! Brilliant! We believe Mr. Mister is the new answer to water on demand and in a fresh and entertaining way. Rent one today!

What is it?

Mr Mister is a first of its kind Mobil cooling and hydration station. With over 20 high powered misting nozzles and 200 gallons of clean filtered drinking water (off grid mode) our little trailers pack a punch when it comes to cooling off and staying hydrated. With endless amounts of plastic water bottles polluting our land fills, we offer a new approach to keeping people hydrated. Yes it’s a trailer but it’s also a mirage on wheels to a thirsty crowd. People of all walks of life will gather around and be cooled and hydrated with Mr Mister.

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